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10 Tips To Help You Pack Like A Pro


Moving soon? Below, find a list of tips and suggestions that will help your packing progress with ease. If you need any help along the way, remember that Eric’s Moving and Delivery can assist with all stages of the moving process! Let’s get started.


  1. Sort By Category

Organize your belongings and sort by category, not by room. For example, you might have a box dedicated to ‘cords’ versus having living room cords in the ‘living room’ box and bedroom cords in the ‘bedroom’ box. This will help you to locate things more efficiently and assist in reducing the stress of unpacking that results from not being able to find desired items.


  1. Minimize Unneeded Items

You probably have a few items you no longer want or need – moving is the perfect time to turn these items into cash. The good news is that there are many platforms for you to post your for-sale items, ranging from Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and AptDeco for furniture to Poshmark and local consignment stores for clothing. Extra cash means more funds to purchase items the items that you really want.


  1. Create Moving To-Do List

When you move homes, you inevitably end up having many different things to do and remember. Don’t let all these tasks and important reminders, no matter how seemingly obvious, slip your mind. Write them down somewhere, put them in the notes or to-do list on your phone, or set up a dry erase board in your living room – the options are endless. This will help you figure out exactly what has been done and what needs to be done before your move.


  1. Pack Ahead

Packing little by little is far less stressful than trying to tackle it all in one day. Start packing the items that you know you won’t be using a few months before move-out day. This can range from off-season clothing to books you’ve already read and might include mementos, pictures (tips on storing photographs here), and keepsakes. But make sure to consider the fact that you aren’t using these items currently, so are there any that should be sold instead of packed?


  1. Label Moving Boxes

If you only do one thing to simplify your moving process, this is it. Make sure to label boxes accurately and clearly, noting which room the items belong to (if applicable) so that movers can be directed to place boxes in certain areas of the home upon delivery. Color minded? Consider utilizing colors (rainbow Duct Tape is great for this) to make labels stand out more on boxes.


  1. Assemble A Moving Toolbox

Moving day can easily turn into moving week when you spend as much time looking for the packing tape and Sharpie as you do filling the boxes.  Pack more efficiently with a “moving toolbox” where you keep your box cutter, tape, labeling markers, and other packing supplies in one carry-all that you can take from room to room. It’s easy to misplace small and essential items like these when your house is full of boxes and in disarray.


  1. Don’t Box Clothes

Don’t put hangers in one box and clothes in another. This can take hours in pairing them all back up again in your new closet. Get all that time back by clustering groups of clothing together, then pulling plastic garbage bags up from the bottom and tying them at the top. Layer these clusters together for the move and hang up as soon as you arrive.


  1. Plastic Wrap Drawers

Use plastic wrap to keep dressers drawers shut when the moving truck jostles them around. This allows you to utilize drawer space to store clothing and other items during transportation. Furthermore, this ensures that drawer knobs remain intact and don’t get knocked off in the moving process.


  1. Secure Screws and Bolts

If you dismantle any furniture for your move, make sure you keep all the screws and bolts together. The best way to do so is to put in a labeled zip-able plastic bag, either taped to the item removed from or kept in a designated area for screws and other assembly materials.


  1. Hire Professional Movers

In order to ensure that your belongings are taken care of properly, it is essential to hire a professional team to care for you. The items from your home are not only material possessions, but an essential part of your life and they should be transported and cared for accordingly. When selecting a mover, make sure to read testimonials and reviews in order to ensure that you are entrusting your belongings to a responsible company. At Eric’s Moving and Delivery, we know that moving can be a stressful and emotional time, and we’re here to help make the process as simple as possible. Here, we treat our customers just like they deserve, like family


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